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Roasted Peanut Extract


This natural product is produced from peanuts which have been shelled, electronically sorted, roasted,  mechanically pressed, and filtered. The oil  has an intense roasted peanut flavor and aroma many times stronger than that present in roasted peanuts.



The product comprises liquid with an amber brown color,  having an intense flavor and aroma characteristic of roasted peanuts.



(Typical Analysis)  
Specific Gravity                               0.90 - 0.92  
Refractive Index                              1.46 - 1.47    
Peroxide Value, meq/kg                      <7 
Moisture, %                                       <0.1
Impurities, %                                      <0.2  
Free Fatty Acid (as oleic),  %             <0.5
Iodine Value                                     83 - 98
Saponification Value                       185 to 195

Ingredient Label

Peanut Oil, Roasted Peanut Oil, Natural Peanut Flavor, Natural Peanut Concentrate, or Roasted Peanut Extract.  


Suggested Uses

Baked Goods           Creates peanut flavor notes in dough and fillings  
Confections               Intensifies peanut flavor
Flavorings                 Peanut spreads,  frozen desserts, and  cereals
Compounds              Compounding base  
Extraction Source      For Carbon Dioxide extraction of peanut flavor


200 liter (55 gallon) drums, under Nitrogen, or 20 Kg Pails.

Shelf Life

One year at 12-14C, 55-65% relative humidity, in dark, in absence of oxygen.

Sample Size

5 fl oz.  Larger samples available upon request.  


This product is normally supplied without preservatives.  It can be mixed with 200 ppm of BHT or TBHQ to extend shelf life. Natural  Tocopherols, Rosemary Extract, and other natural antioxidants are also available.  


The specifications issued on this page are typical for our products, and are subject to change without notice.  Guaranteed specifications are issued on a case by case basis, and are only binding upon Nutrin Corporation when issued in writing by an officer of the Company.  Biological variability may cause some analytical values to differ from those stated herein.  


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