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Partially Defatted Peanut Flours

Nutrin Partially Defatted Peanut Flours are essentially peanut meal with the flavor of peanut butter, in dry powder form. Nutrin's process involves taking more than 85% of the oil out of peanuts and grinding the de-oiled residue into a fine powder. This powder is available in a range of roast levels, imparting upon products anything from bland to extremely strong peanut flavor. This product is the key ingredient to obtaining the following technical benefits:

(i) increase in shelf life of finished products by reducing the amount of peanut oil present in a formula,

(ii) total control over the texture of finished goods by mixing partially or fully defatted peanut flour with a properly selected fat (or fats) with melting characteristics which impart the desired texture, and

(iii) elimination of the problem of “Bloom” (migration of peanut oil to cocoa butter phase, causing textural and aesthetic problems) in chocolate confections with peanut fillings.

Nutrin partially defatted peanut flour additionally offers a very flavorful way of adding high-quality protein to a human food or animal feed formulation. The ingredient contains 47-55% protein, and peanut protein is widely recognized as being among the most balanced proteins available in nature. Unlike soybean protein meal, which imparts an unpleasant green - beanie texture to food products, partially defatted peanut flour imparts a delicious peanut butter flavor. In fact, the strong and extra-strong flavor of partially defatted peanut flours have such a strong flavor that they can successfully mask the unpleasant taste of vitamins and minerals in many nutrition product applications. This ingredient is an economical way to impart flavor and good nutrition to products, while resolving many of the problems associated with using peanuts or peanut butter.


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