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Peanut Paste and Peanut Butter

Completing the range of peanut specialty ingredients, Nutrin offers extremely high-quality peanut paste and peanut butter. Nutrin peanut paste and butter can be supplied to meet any customers color, granulation or composition requirements, in a variety of packaging formats, and all with the Nutrin quality guarantee

Nutrin can supply natural peanut paste and can also mix paste with sugar, hydrogenated oils, dextrose, salt, and other ingredients to suit any customers specifications.  All USDA color specifications can be met, and because Nutrin has electronic colorimeters on-site,  virtually any degree of roast can be achieved.

Nutrins grind size capabilities are extremely diverse.  Our company is capable of producing peanut butter as finely ground as fine chocolate, and can produce peanut butter with a gritty mouth-feel for applications that require it. 

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