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Partially Defatted Peanuts
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Nutrin Partially Defatted Peanuts are excellent ingredients for use in any chocolate confection or in other applications where migration of peanut oil could disturb product texture, appearance, or stability. Our product is perfect for chocolate-based confections, nutrition bars, and in baked goods.

The manufacturing process for this ingredient works by removing surface oil from peanuts so that it cannot interfere with cocoa butter and cause fat-bloom.  In most applications, this surface-oil removal is sufficient to achieve the desired technical effect.   The remaining peanuts, containing somewhat less fat, retain a strong peanut flavor and have a wonderful peanut crunch.

Nutrin also has the technical capability to produce Partially Defatted Peanuts with much less oil (as much as a 90% reduction in fat compared with natural peanuts) on a special-order basis.  These partially defatted peanuts are nutritionally potent ingredients because of their high protein content and relatively low fat.  They have a very pleasant crunch and in their appearance are very similar to ordinary peanuts.. Through its alliance with Bioseparations / Comet Specialty Ingredients, Nutrin is the only company in the world that can use the patented process for removing oil in peanuts from their natural levels of 50% down to levels of 10% or even less. 

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